Brief: Grizzly bear active in Revelstoke

Revelstoke Bear Aware warns people to stay clear of the area near Lower Crowbar Trail, above the Upper Arrow Heights neighbourhood, after a confirmed grizzly bear sighting on Tuesday, September 21.

File Photo, A grizzly family takes a stroll during a sun shower. Photo: Hywel Williams

Revelstoke Bear Aware says it’s rare to see Grizzly Bears come into town but warns of a confirmed grizzly sighting on Tuesday, Sept. 21. The sighting was on Lower Crowbar trail, a trail above the Upper Arrowheights neighbourhood. Although unusual, the organization says the bear’s migration into town has been a yearly occurrence for the past several years.

Maggie Spizzirri, Community Coordinator for Revelstoke Bear Aware, says grizzly bears are generally solitary animals that like to stay in alpine terrain. However, Spizzirri says they’ve seen this bear before.

“Generally, we see one Grizzly bear come into town to feed on the salmon run this time of year,” she says in an email to Mountaineer staff. “This has been a yearly occurrence for the past several years. He usually does this for about a week or so.”

People have also reported seeing grizzly bears on the recreational pathways in Revelstoke’s Industrial park near the Illecilliwaet river, although bear aware has not confirmed these sightings.

The organization says people should stay clear of the area and let the grizzly do his thing. People should NOT feed the bear or attempt to see, find or approach the bear.

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