Brief: Proposed Revelstoke sewage treatment plant screen proposed

A report on the Revelstoke sewage treatment plant recommends installing a second screen at a cost of about $475,000.

The headworks building was originally designed and constructed in 2008 to operate two identical mechanical bar screens. Only one screen was installed due to budget constraints at the time. Photo: City of Revelstoke.

Revelstoke city staff is recommending council approve the purchase of a second mechanical bar screen to address strain on the wastewater treatment plant due to community growth.

A report from public works notes the purchase and installation of the second screen would cost $479,300. The recommendation is to phase in the cost over the 2019/2020 budget years. According to the report, the currently approved capital plan has $400,000 for the purchase of a second screen, and the remaining installation costs of $79,300 would be funded through the operating and maintenance budgets.

The city’s wastewater treatment plant was designed to operate two identical mechanical bar screens. Only one mechanical bar screen was installed during the building’s construction due to budget constraints at the time. The report to council notes the screen is a critical piece of infrastructure in the wastewater treatment process, as it removes troublesome solids from the influent wastewater prior to the wastewater entering the city’s treatment ponds.

The report says if the screen fails or is taken offline for extended maintenance, the impact on the ability to treat wastewater properly could result in expensive dredging and landfilling of pond sediment, as well as odour issues.

Revelstoke city council will discuss the recommendation from public works during their regular meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 22.