Brief: Backcountry lodge application that overlaps city watershed gets Revelstoke council support

Despite a split vote, city council will support Revelstoke Backcountry Guides' application for tenure overlapping the Greeley Creek Watershed.

The Greeley Creek watershed supplies water to Revelstoke's Greeley Creek Water Treatment Plant, also located in the area on the back side of Mount Mackenzie. Photo: Google Maps

Revelstoke Backcountry Guides application for tenure overlapping the Greeley Creek Watershed has received the support of Revelstoke city council. However, not all city councillors were on board with sending a letter to the Ministry of Forests supporting the group’s amended application.

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Councillors Linda Nixon and Aaron Orlando voted against the motion. Nixon, who sits on the environmental committee, also brought forward an amendment that would have seen the group’s access to the watershed restricted to emergency use only. The revised application before council restricts motorized use in the watershed, but allows for skiing and snowboarding. See a report prepared by the environmental committee here. This motion was defeated with only Orlando in support.

City engineering director Mike Thomas said the watershed already has many overlapping uses including CAT-skiing and heli-skiing. Revelstoke Backcountry Guides’ application would offer additional variety to the tenure area.

“In terms of impact this is a non motorized application. This is a guided group of people. This is not a building application in the watershed, it’s only for non motorized uses,” he said.

Mayor Mark McKee voted in favour of sending a letter of support, despite some initial reservations.

“Anything to do with the watershed is something the community should be concerned about. But when the director of public works is in favour, I really have to think about that,” he said.