Brief: Avalanche Canada launches online tutorial for backcountry beginners

'Avy Savvy' introduces new backcountry users to the avalanche safety basics.

ATES rating signs can be found at trailheads for areas that have been rated. Photo: Avalanche Canada.

With social gatherings and events off the table, many people have been turning to the backcountry to fill their empty schedule this winter. Sleds and touring gear is selling out and there are more freshers out there than ever. 

Instead of shaming beginners, Avalanche Canada has spent the summer giving their online tutorials a full makeover.

 ‘Avy Savvy’ is an eight chapters course covering crucial topics from ‘Where do avalanches happen?’ to companion rescue.

Watch: The first video in the Avy Savvy series.

The course is highly interactive with videos, animations, and quizzes at the end of each module. Avy Savvy also explains the online tools available on the Avalanche Canada website, such as the daily forecast and the online trip planner. 

Avy Savy demonstrates weak layers in the snowpack that can create slab avalanches. Photo: Mark Grist.

“Travelling in avalanche terrain demands awareness and preparation. Avy Savvy provides a great first step in avalanche safety education,” Gilles Valade, Avalanche Canada’s Executive Director says.

Watch: A video from the Avy Savvy series

For all the videos and text explanations, Avalanche Canada’s Avy Savvy series here:


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