Brief: $121 million upgrade announced for Highway 1 between Glacier National Park and Golden

The project will involve widening a stretch of highway between Glacier National Park and Golden as well as the removal of two aging bridges.

Work will involve widening the 4.4 stretch of highway from two lanes to four, as well as replacing the aging Quartz Creek Bridge with a four-lane structure. Photo: BC Transportation.

The provincial government has announced a $121 million funding effort to upgrade a 4.4-kilometre section of highway 1 between Glacier National Park and Golden.

The province will be spending $71.5 million on these upgrades, with an additional $49.9 million contribution coming from the federal government as part of the New Building Canada Fund.

This short — yet treacherous — stretch of highway has been home to multiple accidents in recent years, due to its increased commercial use coupled with its narrow two-lane structure, steep grades and sharp bends.

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Work will involve widening the stretch of highway from two lanes to four and replacing the Quartz Creek Bridge with a new four-lane structure.

Additionally, improvements will be made to access roads near the Quartz Creek Bridge to help ease congestion. A new bridge will be built to replace Wiseman Creek Culvert, creating a safe crossing for wildlife.

The upgrades will also allow tourists safer navigation of this section of highway as well as improved access for businesses to be able to transport their goods over this vital trade corridor.

“Keeping people and goods moving smoothly is essential to helping our businesses compete and improving Canadians’ quality of life,” said Francois-Philippe Champagne, federal minister of infrastructure and communities.

“These vital improvements along Highway 1 will greatly reduce the risk of collisions and ensure residents, tourists and businesses can travel safely and efficiently through the region for years to come.”

An aerial image of the Trans-Canada Highway east of Revelstoke where the construction project will happen. Photo: B.C. governments

This project will be facilitated by the Province’s Community Benefits Agreement. Job and training opportunities will be available for people in the local area as well as increased participation of apprentices and traditionally under-represented workers in construction trades.