Series: Best apps for Revelstoke’s small business owners

With Revelstoke in mind, we’ve complied the best apps by activity in this series of ten.


With Revelstoke in mind, we’ve complied the best apps by activity in this series of ten. Here is our fourth installment, the best apps for Revelstoke’s small business owners.

Check back next Thursday for the fifth installment, best apps for wandering around Mount Revelstoke National Park

  1. 1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet (Free)

One of Apple’s App Store Best of 2014. Stop using the same password for everything. This app will create secure passwords for all the sites you use (Apple ID, eBay, Etsy, your online bank) then store them safely for you. Plus, it doesn’t prompt you for a review every two days. Always a bonus.

  1. Canada Post (Free)

Check delivery status using your phone’s camera as a scanner and track sent items down to the minute. Pay your bills with epost, find that customer’s postal code, (again) turn your photos into post cards or stamps and store things safely in your online safety deposit box.

4. Evernote (Free)

Evernote is the popular kid on the block, and has been for a few seasons now. This app earns its keep by taking notes, managing bills, organizing documents and making all of this portable. No need to worry about forgetting that document at the shop or leaving that middle of the night to-do list on your bedside table, keep it all in your phone or tablet.

5. Neat ($5.99 per month and up)

Neat securely scans and stores all of your receipts while offering Excel, Quicken and Turbo Tax reports to simplify your fiscal year-end. It works seamlessly between devices, allowing you to drag and drop PDF files and consolidate everything in one place. Create invoices, reports, contact lists (by simply scanning a business card) and much more. There’s a ton of options — this app comes down to digitizing all that paperwork crowding up your desk, mind, and workday.