Bend Road will likely close as part of Revelstoke intersection upgrade

ICBC has recommended that Bend Road be closed as part of the Victoria Road/Mutas Road intersection upgrade. The City of Revelstoke needs the organization's approval to help fund the project.

Limited sight lines for traffic on Bend Road and Victoria Road. Photo: ICBC

After Revelstoke City Council managed to reverse the decision to close Bend Road, as part of the Victoria Road/Mutas Road intersection upgrade, ICBC has informed the city that they must go back to the original plan.

ICBC met with City of Revelstoke staff on June 20 to discuss the latest design for the upgrade that deals with the troubled intersection off the busy Trans-Canada Highway.

While they supported current designs, they were concerned about the change to leave Bend Road open. While traffic engineers for McElhanney Consulting Services had originally closed Bend Road to follow proper design structure, city councillors managed to reverse this change.

This was in favour of local property owners who wanted the accessibility and to allow what little movement the road receives to continue.

But ICBC has said that short sight-lines and driver confusion will be issues for commuters. The organization is an important ally in this project and the city will be applying to them to receive funding to help close the $500,000 gap. The city has budgeted $1.2 million dollars for the project but current cost estimates are at $1.7 million.

The new Victoria Road/Mutas Road intersection design, which closes Bend Road. Click to enlarge. Photo: McElhanney Consulting Services
The Victoria Road/Mutas Road intersection design. Bend Road southbound/westbound direction is shown as closed with temporary barriers. This is meant as an interim solution, pending ICBC’s full review, as Bend Road construction is not scheduled until spring. Click to enlarge. Photo: McElhanney Consulting Services

“The preferred suggestion that we intend to include in the upcoming report will be to close Bend Road east of the access,” ICBC road safety engineer David Dean wrote. “If that is not possible, we will be suggesting that Bend Road at least be restricted to eastbound movements only.”

The Ministry of Transportation is still yet to announce its review of the final plans. The city is also looking to them for funding.

City councillors will discuss the recommendation to close Bend Road at the June 28 city council meeting, as well as whether to move the project forward with requests for tender.

If approved, the tender package will go out on June 30, received bids will be discussed at a possible special council meeting on July 18 and construction of the roundabout on Wright Street will begin in August.

Read the full report here.