Begbie View students’ project highlights alternatives to resource consumption

Begbie View Elementary students adorn local fish sculpture with anti-consumption messages

Begbie View Elementary students pose for a photo in front of their installation at the fish sculptures on Third Street and Mackenzie Avenue. Photo: contributed

By Sarah Newton, Grade 4/5 teacher at Begbie View Elementary

Grade 4/5 students at Begbie View Elementary School are concerned about the planet and how we are using its limited resources.

As part of a waste reduction campaign the students shared ideas about how to give gifts this holiday season without using and buying so much stuff.

With materials salvaged from the school, they made signs to ‘bomb’ our favourite local fish sculptures. Check out their ideas that range from consumable presents like jams and meals, to iTune cards and evenings out at local businesses.

The students really care about their planet and hope their ideas inspire others.