Beautiful quilts on display at Revelstoke library

The Revelstoke library is currently home to a display of quilts made by members of the Revelstoke Quilters' Guild. This year, guild members gave themselves a bit of an added challenge when completing their projects.

File photo: Mt. Revelstoke Quilters' Guild members (from left): Sharon Cain, Jill Leslie, Eleanor Hills, Dianne McKay, and Darlene Dabel set up quilts at the Revelstoke library. Photo: Melissa Jameson

Members of the Mt. Revelstoke Quilters’ Guild had no idea what they might be getting themselves into when they reached into a bag of donated fabrics.

It was a challenge they gave themselves. Each guild member selected a swatch from the bag of donated fabrics and then had to use it in the quilts they made.

“You couldn’t see what you were picking, you just had to reach in and grab it,” said Darlene Dabel.

Not all of the guild members made traditional quilts. This outfit was inspired by the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet. Photo: Melissa Jameson

The results are outstanding, and are currently on display at the Revelstoke library.

The display also features quilts that will be donated to the Revelstoke Hospice Society and the New Year’s baby.

The Mt. Revelstoke Quilters Guild is a non-profit group of women who love to sew and quilt. The group currently has 20 members, 13 of who have quilts on display at the library.

Mt. Revelstoke Quilters’ Guild members Eleanor Hills (left) and Jill Leslie help set up for the show at the library. Photo: Melissa Jameson

“Today’s quilts are not usually made from homemade clothing like in the early years. Although some of us have made quilts from old denim jeans, flannel shirts, and T-shirts,” reads a statement from the guild.

The quilts are on display at the Revelstoke library until the end of August.