Revelstoke’s newest shop Nest Grocers embraces online shopping

Through their website, Nest Grocers offers a convenient way to buy local and natural products.

Cynthia Gallant, owner of Nest Grocers, proudly displays products. Photo: Sarah Mickel Photography

For Cynthia Gallant, the owner of Nest Grocers, the inspiration behind her store is simple:

“I believe that if it’s made with a little bit of love, it probably tastes better as well.”

Nest Grocers is Revelstoke’s newest bulk grocery store. They specialize in selling local and natural products through their website.

“We’re a straightforward retail grocery store. You just can find our store online rather than physically,” Gallant says.

Grocery shopping with an online twist

Nest Grocers allows customers to build their carts online, giving them the option to pick up their groceries or have them delivered. Their warehouse is located in the Revelstoke Business Complex.

“You have to virtually browse our aisles rather than physically walk down them,” Gallant explains.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic pushing online sales, Gallant got her inspiration from other international grocer models.

“It’s a common shopping platform in Europe and other parts of the world. A lot of people do their shopping this way,” she explains. 

“I had thought about the idea before, but with COVID, it made me more confident in the decision to start it.”

Supporting local in a sustainable way

Using their website, customers can browse aisles virtually at Nest Grocers. Photo: Sarah Mickel Photography

As a long-term Revelstoke resident, Gallant has been passionate about supporting local businesses for over ten years. However, her love for shopping locally extends beyond its regional economic benefits.

“As far as supporting local producers, it has the lowest environmental footprint that you can have,” Gallant says. She emphasizes that consumer behaviour can have a positive impact on the environment.

“Your dollar does have an impact when you choose brands that are giving back to the environment or implementing environmental practices.”

In addition to offering local products, Nest Grocers has plans to minimize waste associated with grocery shopping.

“We are going to start carrying a large quantity of bulk options and we’ll have a reusable returnable container program. That not only brings down the price of the product but also is better on the environment when it’s bulk,” Gallant says.

The journey from an idea to opening

Despite having business aspirations for a few years, Gallant had issues finding a retail space in Revelstoke. 

When a warehouse listing became available last September, Gallant was excited for the opportunity to try something new. She immediately began writing her business plan and finalized the purchase the following month.

Immediately after purchasing the building, Gallant began receiving community support. 

“We have received so much positive feedback. From purchasing the building, working with the contractors, friends and family, social media. We’ve received nothing but positive encouragement and support from the community.”

However, opening a business can be an intimidating task. Gallant says the biggest challenge was learning to navigate supply chains, which she describes as a “learning curve.” 

An optimistic future

By creating an accessible whole foods shopping experience, Gallant tries to accommodate as many people as possible. This includes providing different price ranges for certain products. 

“It kind of gives me a platform to introduce brands to people that aren’t familiar with whole foods stores,” she explains.

“It really just makes sense, this model. There are also endless possibilities to offer more to our customers on this platform.”

With confidence in her business model, Gallant is looking forward to a successful future for Nest Grocers. She hopes to one day expand into a retail space, in addition to their current warehouse outlet. 

For now, Gallant is excited that Nest Grocers has been receiving orders and a surplus of community support.

“We’re so pumped. I feel really great about it.”

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