Mindful Mondays: Superficiality is impacting our reality.

'To achieve peace, to achieve a feeling of goodness in our lives, we have to chase things that slow us down and remind us how we feel instead of looking outside ourselves to determine our worth.'

Imagine a world where the next generation grows up to see images of bodies that fold and dimple.
Skin has texture and bumps.
So that none of this seems like a big deal to them.
So that we don’t even have to explain why our bodies are good, even if they’re not perfect.

-Rini Frey

We live in a world where perfection saturates our perception of reality, where young, skinny and pretty girls and strong men dominate the appearance of what is worthy. Where it seems like a race to popularity overrides true connection and real conversations and where acting false, being manicured, and having it ‘all’ is more important than feeling good.

We can either contribute to the fake-ness and flakiness or we can stand for creating worlds inside our businesses, families, schools, and social lives that embrace the complexity of not having it all, not looking manufactured, and not filling our bodies with chemicals. 

As an example, there’s research that shows that Botox ages us quicker, because it weakens facial muscles, so eventually the only way to keep looking plump is to keep pumping chemicals into our face, which has the potential to make us look overly plump as we age.

Can we stop being part of the narrative of perfectionism? Can we show up just as we are and feel confident without needing to be what other people are selling? Can we find ways to stay healthy that make us genuinely feel good and aren’t based on looking like Barbies?

If you stop chasing money, success, popularity, love, and certainty and leave room for mystery and calm, abundance will flow because you’re not forcing it. So many people are  desperate to have some combination of the above. It’s not that we shouldn’t have goals to work towards, but it’s when those goals consume and are your measure for success that we disconnect from ourselves. We have to slow down, stop pursuing just to attain, and go after things that bring us joy instead of consistent stress. 

Can we stop using filters and start filtering out our toxic thoughts? Can we prioritize reality and focus on emotional stability instead of radical instability? Always trying to keep up with the newest trends is exhausting. I’m not saying that if you enjoy it you shouldn’t participate in new things, but know the difference from what fills you up to what you chase in order to fill you up.

We all want the same thing, to feel good. But we’re all chasing careers and social acceptance instead of creating communities. We’re striving to be liked instead of liking ourselves.

Stop contributing to superficiality.

To achieve peace, to achieve a feeling of goodness in our lives, we have to chase things that slow us down and remind us how we feel instead of looking outside ourselves to determine our worth. Find solace instead of popularity. Stabilize your energy by touching the earth, by breathing deep, by hugging others, by looking into someone’s eye and just smiling, by calling people lovely names, or by complimenting people based on how they feel to you, not how they look.

Stabilize yourself by moving slower and asking “why is this important to me?” more often. Listen to the whisperings of the wisdom that live inside, and I guarantee you’ll find a beauty like you’ve never experienced before.

Noelle Bovon

Hi! I'm Noelle, an entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, nature lover, published writer, mother, owner of Balu Yoga & Wellness, and annoyingly optimistic. I value deep conversations and have little tolerance for small talk. I am passionate about helping you create the life you want - and to help you create ease and reduce stress while eradicate your self doubt and be of service in anyway that I'm able to in this wild world.