Yoga, Pilates, strength training, meditation and more: New course at Revelstoke Secondary to promote lifelong active learning

The self-paced Exercise for Life course introduces alternate activities like yoga and Pilates so students can explore alternate healthy activities and access lifelong heathy activities.

Yoga is one of the new disciplines covered in a new course planned for Revelstoke Secondary School called Exercise for Life. Photo: Pexels

Promoting lifelong learning and participation is the goal of a proposed exercise-based course at Revelstoke Secondary School.

Developed by RSS physical education teacher Kendra von Bremen, “Exercise for Life” will offer students in Grades 11 and 12 a chance to gain exposure to a variety of exercise programs and activities to promote lifelong learning and participation.

“Many students are not interested in traditional team sports that are generally a part of P.E. We wanted to offer something that was appealing to a wider audience,” said Bremen.

Bremen said the idea for Exercise for Life came about when the P.E. department began talking about the fact there are not a lot of Grade 11 and 12 girls choosing P.E. as a course. Bremen found out the Kamloops School District offers a course that addresses this issue and is quite successful. She spoke with the Kamloops District about what they were doing in order to take those ideas and create a course that would work for Revelstoke.

Students taking the course will be able to work at their own pace and explore exercise options that appeal to them. The emphasis will be on lower impact, individual, life-long learning. Bremen said the course will include allowing students to experience different fitness facilities in the community so once they leave school they feel comfortable accessing fitness options in the community.

“The idea is to teach them safe exercise techniques,” said Bremen.

The course includes: strength training, yoga, Pilates, speed walking/walk-run/running programs, activities in the pool, and a unit on healthy lifestyle and nutrition. In addition students will also learn to help counter the everyday stresses of life through meditation and self-reflection. The course will count as a credit for P.E. 11/12.