Sledders buried in avalanche incident

An avalanche on Boulder Mountain resulted in Revelstoke Search & Rescue being dispatched to the area.

The RCMP crest.

Revelstoke RCMP say two snowmobilers were buried in an avalanche on Boulder Mountain in the late afternoon of Friday, Mar. 27.

Police say they received a report at about 6 p.m. of two sledders buried in the Turbo Hill area of Boulder Mountain, a popular high-marking area.

In a statement, Staff-Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said the original report was that one of the sledders was pulled out, but that a group of riders was looking for the second at the time of the report.

Revelstoke Search and Rescue was dispatched.

Police said they later learned that the rider was located and nobody was seriously injured in the incident. It’s unclear how the incident was resolved. Police said all riders were making their way off the mountain about an hour after the incident was first reported.

Police are investigating and said they would provide no further updates.