Ski culture website puts RMR as number one for vertical to lift line time ratio

Ski culture news website Unofficial Networks has reported Revelstoke Mountain Resort as number one, after tracking app Trace Snow promoted their app with a release of data that averages the best lift times and vertical descent of North American ski resorts.

The view overlooking Revelation Lodge at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

Revelstoke Mountain Resort has beat a number of high-ranking American resorts to come out on top for the best average of lift times and vertical descent.

Ski culture news website Unofficial Networks declared Revelstoke Mountain Resort number one, beating popular resorts including Jackson Hole, WY, and Snowbird, UT, by a landslide.

The numbers were crunched by tracking app Trace Snow (formerly AlpineReply) who measured the data they collect.

“We took a look at the average times spent waiting and sitting on a lift vs. average vertical in a day for every resort in North America,” the app spokesperson said.

The story was shared on social media where some commentators have criticized the method of data interpretation.