Thursday, May 28, 2020

Revelstoke Arts Council

Revelstoke Reflections:
connecting through creativity

Revelstoke Reflections, brought to you in partnership with Revelstoke Arts Council, is an online forum where Revelstokians can share their creativity and enjoy the creations of others. Submissions should be your own original work, or work created in collaboration with others, and must have been created during the coronavirus crisis, from March 15, 2020 onwards only. If you do not own the copyright for the work then do not submit it, work copied from somewhere else is not allowed. Some suggested submissions include:

– Photography
– Visual Artwork
– Music
– Story
– Joke
– Poem
– Book Review
– Video
– Animation

Revelstoke Reflections

Revelstoke Reflections Prize

Revelstoke Arts Council and the Revelstoke Mountaineer brings you Revelstoke Reflections Prize: cash prizes for the most creative submissions will be announced when the current coronavirus restrictions are lifted. The jury will consist of seasoned artists and curators selected by the Revelstoke Arts Council. Prizes will be in the following categories:

$50 – 0-10 years old
$150 – 11-17 years old
$250 – Visual Artwork – 18 years and older
$250 – Literary Work – 18 years and older
$250 – Multi-Media Work (includes animation, video and photography) – 18 years and older
$250 – Music (Song-writing, DJ) – 18 years and older

Submission Form