Revelstoke garbage services cheaper in-house

Revelstoke considered contracting out its garbage needs to private contractors, following success from other similar municipalities, but it still seems cheaper to provide the service in-house.

Revelstoke's councillors will discuss our garbage collection service options at the Oct. 27 meeting. Photo: From Flickr

It appears it will cost council, and Revelstoke residents, less if garbage collection services are continued in-house.

This decision will come to council at the October 13 meeting and while the proposal for private companies to take over the service saw three bids by the tender close on September 13. None of the private bidders provided enough cost savings or services to make it worthwhile, a new city report finds.

“The only proposal option that provides bear-resistant garbage collection was the fully automated system presented by Bresco Industries, as seen in Appendix A, the cost for this service would be more than two times the cost for manual pick up,” a city report states.

The city initially decided to put out the tender as the city’s garbage truck needs to be replaced and Work Safe BC requires two collection operators, increasing the cost to provide the service. But for garbage can collection only, a non-automated system is cheaper.

“The cost savings anticipated by contracting out garbage collection services were not realized through the Request for Proposals process. Continuing to provide an in-house service with collection occurring over four eight hour days is the lowest cost option available,” a city report states.

If the service is to be continued in-house, the union has recommended that the city use a two-person truck, in accordance with WorkSafe orders, and that the city purchases a new rear loading manual truck and considers the annual cost for maintenance and operation. The union also recommends a four eight-hour work day collection schedule be implemented, with the fifth day reserved for regular truck maintenance.

If councillors approve to continue city services, the 2016 budget, 2016-2020 financial plan, and garbage utility rates for residents will be revised to reflect the option chosen by council. The revised collection schedule will come into effect on January 1, 2016.