Read the March 2020 e-edition of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine here

View the e-edition of the March 2020 Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine here.

COVER PHOTO: Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine contributing artist Benji Lowclass created the cover illustration for our special climate emergency issue. Climate disruption is already bringing many changes to the Revelstoke region, and it's just getting started. As part of this issue, we explored how climate change will impact what we cherish most, including our ability to slide in the snow.

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What’s inside?

Our review of news items from the past month.

10 CALENDAR: MARCH EVENTS Find out what’s happening in the bars, clubs, community centres and cafes in our monthly events calendar.

14 Australian bushfires. Revelstoke has a big Aussie contingent and some were on the front lines of the fight to save homes, farms and lives. We share their stories.

18 FICTION: the end of a season Vilja Arnsteinsdatter reflects on our changing climate.

20 LIFE: Lessons of the 1910 Avalanche disaster Peter Worden explores one Revelstoke resident’s journey into a massive avalanche disaster.

24 Silencing the song: Revelstoke Birds in decline. A new study in Mount Revelstoke national park shows a decline in the local bird populations.

26 SPONSORED CONTENT: Summit Construction: Revelstoke construction company brings in a new build at under $400,000.

28 We’re writing the ending now. Science educator Jade Harvey surveys the impacts climate change will have on the Revelstoke region and its ecosystems.

32 BC Wildfire Fighter in a climate crisis. Revelstoke wildfire fighter Jonathan Parr reflects on time on the front lines of climate change.

34 Disrupted future: Regional climate scientist Greg Utzig explores the inevitable and preventable changes Columbia Basin residents are facing.

36 Selling my car for the environment? Laura Stovel gives up her car and shares what she learned through the experience, including transportation gaps that need to be filled.

38 LIFE: A brighter future: Climate change has takes a toll on residents’ mental health. This feature explores ways of dealing with the mental health challenges of climate change.

44 Eight Revy-relevant ways to shrink your carbon footprint: We took a crack at one of the oldest genres in environment writing: the how to tread lightly list.

46 Finding common ground. It’s not the cow, it’s the how.

48 The Stoked Palate: Charlotte Sit explores a new Revelstoke cookbook.

For those of you outside the Revelstoke area, see the e-edition here. Enjoy!