New B.C. Adventure Tourism Coalition looking to collaborate with Revelstoke council

A new Adventure Tourism Coalition is hoping to streamline efforts of the adventure tourism industry when it comes to land use planning.

Heli-skiing with Great Canadian Heli-skiing, Wikimedia Commons user "PowderFaceShots"

A newly formed Adventure Tourism Coalition is looking to create a coordinated approach when it comes to planning between the industry, governments and primary resource sectors.

Revelstoke is first on the list of local level government the coalition is seeking support from. Ian Tomm, chair of the Adventure Tourism Coalition, gave a presentation to Revelstoke city council at their Nov. 14 meeting. A PDF of the presentation is available here:

Adventure Tourism Coalition presentation to council by Revelstoke Mountaineer on Scribd

A full copy of Tomm’s presentation to council can be viewed here.

Tomm said a year and a half ago a number of adventure tourism industry stakeholders got together and realized they were all going to the government for the same reasons.

The coalition includes a wide spectrum of adventure tourism operators, including help-skiing operators, hunting groups, mountain guides, backcountry lodges, mountain biking associations and many more.

“We realized we all had the same pressures and challenges operating as a sector and as individual businesses,” said Tomm.

The coalition is currently working with the B.C. tourism ministry as well as the ministry of forests. Part of the initial work includes connecting with local communities with a large investment in the adventure tourism industry.

“The coalition would like to work with city council to garner support for the coalition,” Tomm said during his presentation. “Revelstoke has a focal point of adventure tourism in the province and can help lead the way.”

Mayor Mark Mckee and other city councillors were receptive of the initiative, but did express some concern over what the workload could look like for already busy staff.

“I’m a little bit apprehensive when we’re talking about bringing land planning to a local level. We have enough issues getting our own planning processes done,” said McKee. “As a community we have support for adventure tourism. I’m apprehensive but I can see we should be at the table somewhat. It’s just a matter of how big.”

Tomm said the strategy itself includes a number of action items with local level planning being just one of those. He pointed at that many adventure tourism businesses have head offices in Revelstoke.

“This is really exciting. We’ve had some issues that have risen with Mt. Macpherson and logging,” said councillor Connie Brothers.

After discussion, council opted to have staff to explore options on what the city’s involvement with the coalition might look like.