Mountaineer dating miniseries: Revy relationships

The Revelstoke Mountaineer's dating series investigates the likelihood of finding love in our outdoor wonderland. There's an issue with the gender ratio and finding someone you click with whose actually in town longer than the weekend. In this article, we found out how a successful relationship in Revelstoke begins.

Alexis and Matt happily paired up in Revelstoke, a year after both arrived. Photo: Contributed

The Revelstoke Mountaineer brings you part four in an ongoing miniseries exploring the dating scene in Revelstoke.

In Revelstoke, it seems the hard part of the love game isn’t finding someone you have chemistry with or share similar interests. It’s whether they are sticking around long enough to test the waters. Is this because the nature of town since the ski resort opened has become more transient? Or because as small towns go, it’s hard to find many well-paying job prospects?

Alexis, 31, is a server and masseuse in Revelstoke who met her boyfriend Matt, 23, just over a year ago. She’s originally from Vancouver and he’s from Saskatoon and coincidentally they both moved to town in October 2012.

Nothing says a serious Revelstoke relationship like rocking onesies at the ski resort. Photo: Provided by Alexis.
Nothing says a serious Revelstoke relationship like rocking onesies at the ski resort. Photo: Contributed.

But despite Matt living with Alexis’s friend, they never actually laid eyes on each other till about a year later. Half-price pizza week at The Idiot was this soon-to-be couple’s first meeting but again, it wasn’t to be.

We had a lot of the same friends so after that saw I him around a bit at people’s houses,” Alexis says.

A few months later, both were having a late night out partying with friends when this pair realise their dancing, and relationship, potential. They started dating soon after.

I asked Alexis her thoughts on the Revelstoke dating scene.

EK: What do you think of the dating scene in here?

A: I wasn’t super active in the dating scene, but I think for a lot of people it is a bit confusing. People seem to be hesitant to commit. I found guys often acted interested but get scared off easily. Making plans was difficult and even when you did sometimes they would bail for a bigger adventure, or time, with the boys.

I have however had friends who had the opposite with them coming on too strong. I think in general people don’t know what they want and so are worried to miss out on experiences by being tied down, especially when they might not know where they’ll be the following year.

Now it sounds like the internet is helping with Tinder and Plenty of Fish (POF), that seems to work for people who are wanting to meet new people and go on dates, as more and more people are on it.

There’s definitely always the challenge of it being a fairly small pool so you have to get used to seeing exes around town.

EK: Do you think it’s harder for people to meet potential partners now since the resort was established?

A: I think in some ways the transient nature of the town makes it harder, but on the other hand now there’s more chances of meeting new people. Although it’s tough because people might not be sticking around or even able to stay in the country, with everyone coming and going there are lots more faces to meet that you might become interested in.

And there’s enough people that live here longer than a season, so if you are looking for a partner here it’s easier once you’re socializing with others who want the same things as you.

EK: Have many of your friends found partners in Revelstoke? Or were they already partnered?

A: I actually do know quite a few friends who have [found partners here], though I also know people who moved here as a couple.

I think most people I know in relationships lived here a while before meeting their current partner.

I do also know some great ladies still looking, but I also know guys looking so they all just haven’t met that person yet.

EK: Any other observations?

A: I think in general the dating scene has changed, and in Revy there’s the added complication of being a small transient town. But it’s a great place to be whether single or in a relationship, and there are definitely opportunities to meet a lot of people. You never know who you’ll meet or when!