Summer Street Fest

    Jun 29, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – Aug 25, 2019 @ 9:00 pm
    Grizzly Plaza
    111 Mackenzie Avenue
    Revelstoke, British Columbia, V0E 2S0
    Revelstoke Performing Arts Council
    (250) 814-9325

    The annual Revelstoke Summer Street Fest offers up FREE live music outdoors in Grizzly Plaza event night of the week, from 6:30 – 9:00 pm, starting June 29th – August 25, 2019!

    See below for the 2019 Summer Street Fest Band Line-Up.

    Saturday, June 29th – Revelstoke Highlanders Pipe Band  |  Scottish
    Saturday, June 29th – The Carbons  |  Groove Rock
    Sunday, June 30th – Revelstoke Community Band  |  Concert
    Monday, July 1st – The Staggers and Jaggs  |  Ska, Blues & Jazz
    Tuesday, July 2nd – Myra Morrison & Denis Severino  |  Folk / Bluegrass
    Wednesday, July 3rd – Broken Brothers  |  Folk / Bluegrass
    Thursday, July 4th – Under The Rocks  |  Bluegrass
    Friday, July 5th – Jackson Hollow
    Saturday, July 6th – Wooden Horsemen
    Sunday, July 7th – WiL
    Monday, July 8th – Naomi Shore
    Tuesday, July 9th – The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra
    Wednesday, July 10th – The Al Lee Soundscape
    Thursday, July 11th – Holly Hyatt
    Friday, July 12th – Willy Blizzard
    Saturday, July 13th – Bassy Dave & The Groovineers
    Sunday, July 14th – Coldwater Road
    Monday, July 15th – Flint and Feather
    Tuesday, July 16th – The Red Hot Hayseeds
    Wednesday, July 17th – The Rev
    Thursday, July 18th – Nice Verdes
    Friday, July 19th – Kutapira
    Saturday, July 20th – Class Action
    Sunday, July 21st – Hanne Kah
    Monday, July 22nd – The Long War
    Tuesday, July 23rd – Diyet and the Love Soldiers
    Wednesday, July 24th – The Nova Scotiables
    Thursday, July 25th – Lester Mclean
    Friday, July 26th – Tennyson King
    Saturday, July 27th – Leila Neverland
    Sunday, July 28th – El Niven and The Alibi
    Monday, July 29th – Bill Price with Grover Parido
    Tuesday, July 30th – This Way North
    Wednesday, July 31st – The Paperboys
    Thursday, August 1st – Elage Diouf
    Friday, August 2nd – Mariel Buckley
    Saturday, August 3rd – Frank Rackow & The Black Sea
    Sunday, August 4th – Terence Jack
    Monday, August 5th – Matt Blais
    Tuesday, August 6th – Dirty Catfish Brass Band
    Wednesday, August 7th – Maggie Davis & Katie Marti
    Thursday, August 8th – West My Friend
    Friday, August 9th – Locarno
    Saturday, August 10th – The Om Sound
    Sunday, August 11th – Namgar
    Monday, August 12th – Maritime Kitchen Party
    Tuesday, August 13th – Sean Ashby
    Wednesday, August 14th – Bob Rogers Band
    Thursday, August 15th – Marble Canyon
    Friday, August 16th – MNGWA Band
    Saturday, August 17th – Gabriel Palatchi Band
    Sunday, August 18th – Ben Klick
    Monday, August 19th – The Jessica Stuart Few
    Tuesday, August 20th – Sarah Jane Scouten
    Wednesday, August 21st – Danny Bell Trio
    Thursday, August 22nd – Viper Central
    Friday, August 23rd – The Sturgeons
    Saturday, August 24th – She Hangs Brightly
    Sunday, August 25th – Sister Speak