Nova Scotiables

Feb 23, 2018 @ 9:00 pm
312 1 Street West
Revelstoke, British Columbia, V0E 2S0
(250) 837-2227

The Nova Scotiables have built a deserving reputation across western Canada as a high energy maritime revue unmatched by their peers. Bringing an unconventional approach to traditional, original and contemporary maritime music, this collection of individuals has become a hit – not just on the maritime circuit but with entertainment fans of all ages.

In such a short time the group has built a resume that rivals veteran acts. Blending a tireless work ethic, unbelievable energy and professional composure, 2015 to present they’ve been working full time with music and standard 9:00-5:00 works. Avid supporters of charity and local talent development, these ‘Scotiables are just as comfortable at festivals in front of 1000’s of people as they are in your house hosting an impromptu kitchen party.

With the release of now three albums They’re Okay(2015), and Live at Fionn MacCool’s(2016), and Self Titled Album(2017), folks can finally take home a taste what’s made them a significant force in western Canada’s music scene. Available in person at performances or by email, the records capture the band’s original music and exemplifies their take on traditional songs that date back centuries. Go get yours while you’ve got the chance!

Pick up your pint… Lift ‘er high in the air – get ‘er up, get ‘er up, get ‘er up there! Now count out loud;




Nnnnoooovvvaaaa Scccooottiiiables!!!!!!!!!!