CBT funds for Revelstoke community projects announced

Columbia Basin Trust funds of $384,144 have been allocated to a number of Revelstoke community projects, although city council will have the final say at the meeting on Tuesday, Apr. 12.

Councillors debate at the city council meeting. Photo: Emily Kemp/Revelstoke Mountaineer.

The results are in for the 2016 Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) fund money, after Revelstoke community organisations bid for their various interests.

The CBT’s program evaluation committee evaluated the 48 projects and recommended how much should be granted from the $384,144 that was available.

The Kovach Skatepark redevelopment and the North Columbia Environmental Society’s education program each drew in the most funds with $20,000 each.

Before organisations can access the money, city councillors and the CSRD board will have the final say on the funding at the council meeting on Tuesday, April 12. Traditionally, the committee’s recommendations are approved as presented.

See the committee’s recommendations here:

2016 Revelstoke CBT Community Initiatives funding recommendations by Revelstoke Mountaineer

Emily Kemp is a freelance journalist and frequent contributor to the Revelstoke Mountaineer.