Thursday, June 4, 2020
'My tattoo inking station now holds all my paint supplies and is set up beside my painting table. The easel was gifted to me by a friend, who I will gift a painting of her bunny in exchange.'
'Solo photography missions in late afternoons during last light to stay creative and active. A flock of geese came into town just before the melt on the flats.'
'The fear, restrictions, complexity of tasks and the emotional toll all rang familiar to the journey I had been through over the winter months.'
'I was inspired to use threads instead of ink and I live the tridimensionality of it. This piece is a reminder that life is a circle and that we need to stay connected, now more than ever. '
'The busy nature of this drawing is a sign of an accumulation of ideas I've been wanting to put on paper or iPad in this case. With more time on my hands, ideas become clearer, "ink" flows freely and new drawings materialize. '
'A little celebration of the weirdest ski season ever, and a little wing wave to all ski industry folk and seasonal workers.'
'I created this artwork at my desk in my room at home. Nothing fancy, I find that the more simple my work space is the more creative my final art piece turns out to be.'
'A lot of people are thinking about the joys and the magic of the mountains whilst quarantined inside. I've been asking people about their favourite animals and trying to draw them to bring some happiness in this unsettling time.'
'If we all observed, cared and shared a little more with our fellow beings, if we made a practice of it, we might all feel less alone and more grounded, even in the face of crisis.'