Brief: Bear warning and fuel burning on lower Mt. Revelstoke

Bear warning, wildfire fuel management burning causing smoke for lower slopes of Mt. Revelstoke.

Fire crews burn fuels on the lower portion of Mt. Revelstoke on June 9. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

Parks Canada has announced a bear warning in place as of June 10 for a lower portion of Mt. Revelstoke due to a black bear and cub in the area.

A black bear and cub pictured in June in the lower part of Mt. Revelstoke national park. Photo: Parks Canada

The warning is in place for the Nels Nelsen ski jump area and nearby Beaver Lodge Kids’ Bike Park, the Soren Sorensen trails, the Snowforest Campground and the Mount Revelstoke Trail near the bottom of the mountain.

Parks Canada advises that both of the regional parks are always bear country and to take appropriate precautions, including never approaching bears. For the latest in bear reports on from Mt. Revelstoke and Glacier national parks, see this weekly bear report page.

Wildfire risk reduction burning

Fire crews burn fuels on the lower portion of Mt. Revelstoke on June 9, 2022. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

You may see some smoke coming from the lower portion of Mt. Revelstoke in the coming days.

Fire crews are doing controlled burns of brush piles in the area to reduce fire fuel in the area to control wildfire risk. The burning is part of a fire guard strategy to reduce wildfire risk to Revelstoke by creating a fire guard breaks in forest fuels.

If you see smoke in the park, you can always check a Parks Canada website that lists current fire activity in the parks.

Parks Canada also advises people using Meadows in the Sky to watch out for work vehicles on the road during the fuel reduction activity.

Fuel management activities often draw attention from the public, who see the smoke and wonder if it’s a wildfire.

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