Revelstoke mill plans to reopen after four-day shutdown.
Locally designed and made clothing brand uses upcycled cloth and natural dyes to be easier on the environment.
The new Revelstoke Splash Park in Farwell Park is now open!
Motorcycle driver injured, passenger dies after colliding with an oncoming SUV that was turning left.
Promised statement by RCMP doesn't materialize after a week of waiting, now residents whose three cannabis plants seized by RCMP await word from the police.
Contributed by LUNA Nocturnal Art & Wonder The weekend of September 27 to 29 marks the third year of LUNA; the highly successful art festival in Revelstoke, BC. Developed by a small group of creatives and executed with the help...
For the older kids, they’ll get to test their engineering skills in a bridge building contest and learn about different engineering aspects of the railway, such as the working of a train horn, railway signal control, levitation and propulsion of modern day maglev trains.
BC Hydro will be doing slope stabilization work on the rock face next to the Revelstoke Dam starting Sept. 3, and is warning motorists to expect delays of up to 30 minutes. The actual slope stabilization work will likely begin...
Three Revelstoke women, driven by a passion for their work, talk about surviving and thriving in jobs historically held by men
The ultimate challenge: Can you get me to enjoy golf in under an hour?
During the festival there will be free music,movement and art workshops, artist panels and documentary screenings.
Thirteen years in, the Lake Revelstoke Dragon Boat Society is pushing on in choppy waters and gaining power through cooperation
They say he who finishes last, laughs best. Or maybe they don’t, but they ought to because there could be some truth to it.
Revelstoke police say they will be issuing a statement about their Aug. 2 search of a Farrell Road home after three cannabis plants were spotted on the property by an RCMP officer who attended the Garden & Art Tour.
Those who continue to spread doubt and confusion about climate science are starting to look even more ridiculous with their many conflicting, insubstantial arguments.
Revelstoke's first legal cannabis retailer, Summit Cannabis Co., has opened its doors at its new Connaught Avenue location.
RCMP use search warrant to go through Revelstoke residents' home while they were out after three cannabis plants were spotted on the property during the annual Garden & Art Tour.
An MVI has closed the Trans-Canada Highway west of Revelstoke on Sunday evening.
The Revelstoke Arts Council’s Street Fest series brings out a myriad of exceptionally talented musicians throughout the summer, yet it’s often the local performances that draw out the largest crowds. Revelstoke, it seems, is exceptionally spoiled when it comes...
Country, roots and bluegrass musicians take the stage in August’s lineup.
The August 29 issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine is now available at over 200 locations across Revelstoke. If you're not in town to pick up a paper copy, check out the e-edition here.