2018 Revelstoke municipal election spending an austere affair

Revelstoke city council candidates reached into their own back pockets to fund their election campaigns.

Revelstoke City Hall. Photo: Revelstoke Mountaineer file photo

You could buy a mid-range aluminum-framed mountain bike, but probably not a carbon one, with the total amount spent on the race for Revelstoke City Council in the October 2019 municipal election.

Candidate spending on the mayor and council races totaled $4,068 in Revelstoke in 2018. In the municipal race, virtually all of the campaign contributions came from the candidates themselves.

There was a total of $161 in contributions that were below the $100 threshold that requires contributors to declare the donor’s name, and that amount was split between three candidates. The remainder of the donations came from the candidates to their own campaigns.

So, who spent what?

Revelstoke City Council

Mayor Gary Sulz spent $700 of his own money on his campaign and received a donation of $64 from a source that is not disclosed because it is below the $100 threshold. His mayoral race opponent Darcy Wyonzek had no campaign contributions.

Steven Cross led council candidates in campaign contributions; his totalled $1,265 in self contributions. Unsuccessful candidate Tim Palmer contributed $893 to his campaign. Cody Younker spent $535 on his campaign and received a $50 donation. Rob Elliott donated $400 to his own campaign. Mike Brooks-Hill contributed $113 to his own campaign. Jackie Rhind received a donation of $48 dollars from a source not disclosed because it is under the $100 threshold.

CSRD Area B director race

David Brooks-Hill, who was elected Area B director, spent $221 of his own money on his campaign and received a $300 contribution from Virginia Thompson. Doug Stuart, who for years served as alternate to former Area B director Lonnie Parker, spend $224 on his unsuccessful campaign. George Buhler received backing from Devon Jones ($200), Mike Loukopolos ($100), Peter Bernacki ($100), and Scott Renaud ($200).

School District board

For the School District No. 19 board, the only candidate to declare donations was Bill Macfarlane, who donated $144 of his own money and received a $500 donation from Lilli Macfarlane.

Aaron Orlando
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